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Fusion 1/4: Nuclear power as of 2021

Hi! In the new year, as promised, you'll see more actual science discussions on this page. I have - I think, for the first time since I started writing here - a plan for the next four posts. The first will discuss nuclear power and its place in the world. The second will tell you a little about its most interesting future alternative - fusion power. Next up, we'll discuss its history a little and where I predict it'll head in the near future; and in the fourth, I'll try to discuss a little about what we're actually doing with it in terms of research work. I can't wait to get to the fourth part, so that should be at least motivating. Let's get to it!

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Julia - the magic of composability

I've been getting into the Julia ecosystem a little (turns out there's a lot of tutorials you get to watch when doing the dishes), and I've been meaning to get some hands on experience. Today, I'd like to reproduce Mosè Giordano's gist example, which I first saw in this JuliaCon talk by Stefan Karpinski. I think it really illustrates Alan Edelman's points on Julia's composability from the talk I linked last time.

What we'll do today is combine a simple example of an ODE solution with an uncertainty package, and see how easy or difficult it becomes using Julia.

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